You’re terrified to talk about it, right? Of facing the truth of where you are now?

Good. Then let’s do it.

You’re stressed and worried about money constantly.

Your relationships and quality of life are suffering because these worries keep creeping up in your head.

You’re living and dying by your paycheck.

Giving up on what you really want to do because you don’t have the money.

You’re spending money just to please others, and then feel bad about yourself.

You can’t afford that.

You would love more money, but the thought of actually asking for that is paralyzing.

We look around at others who seem financially comfortable. How come they are so lucky? Why can’t I be that lucky too?

We place money on a pedestal and associate our own self worth with how much money we make. We begrudgingly accept what’s handed to us and assume this must be our fate.

We feel powerless and desperate as we compare, judge, and resent those who are better off than us. 

This is a problem.


When we made the leap to pursue this life + health coaching business, we could have easily let a reliable paycheck bribe us to trade in our dreams for stability. We did not. But we had to do some work first to get over some lifelong fears.

Fear of losing all our money.

Fear of not having enough.

Fear of not making it.

To be fearful is to be human. But to challenge those fears and say “no, you’re wrong” is to be  A L I V E .



Our fears don’t go away. And honestly we wouldn’t want them to, because they push us to be stronger. To choose love/passion/adventure over fear is to choose life. And we choose every day to make the most of ours.

We need money to do that.

Money is now our ally.

She’s the Garth to our Wayne. The Jim to our Pam. The honey to our butter (seriously, if you’ve never mixed pure honey and butter together, you’re missing out).

Are you ready to be DONE with stressing over money all the time?

Are you ready for a better option?

YOU can let go of your worries and step into feeling confident and free around money.

YOU can go after whatever is important to you, whatever fills your heart and soul, no matter the cost.

YOU can feel empowered talking about money so you can receive your true value and worth.

No guilt. No shame.

Let’s give your money relationship a serious makeover because it’s one that lasts a lifetime.

There’s no other fish in the sea. There’s only one money.

Let’s build an alliance and live happily ever after.

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